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"Breaking Surface " Joachim Heden

Way Creative / Umedia


LITES WATER STAGE is the most advanced interior water studio in the world, offering 6.000.000 liters of warm water, built-in water FX, waves, tiptanks, rain, wind, ...  Moveable platforms allow 20 Ton dry set construction and submerging to any depth. 2 large overhead cranes can lift 25 Ton. The water look can be changed
A skylight of 500m² Bi colour & RGB LED is available.
Underwater infinity wall.
Surface Bluescreen & black backgrounds are available.
Max depth : 10m (33 ft)
Max water surface : 1250 m² (13.500ft²)
Studio surface 1.450 m²  (15.660 ft²)
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